London taco fix: Taqueria

taqueria london
Beer battered fish tacos, refried beans, and an american guy nodding his head while giving us a thumbs up through the window. We were sold.

Having a half Mexican bf means I’ve tried “authentic” Mexican food from his home town. It isn’t like anything I’ve ever tasted anywhere else, but some of the dishes at Taqueria come pretty close. If you need a taco fix / looking for Mexican food in London, this is it.


Complementary peanuts while we’re checking out the menu. The chilli lime seasoning is so moorish!

jamaica drink

Flor de Jamaica is aka hibiscus tea. Refreshing and sweet.

guacamole chips beans

Botana: who doesn’t love refried beans with crumbled cheese, guacamole, salsa and chips? I could snack on this all day! It’s quite large so share between 2-3 people.

pollack ceviche

The ceviche was a bit too sour for my liking


The carnitas are so good. The pork is slowly braised, then shredded making it super juicy and tender.

taqueria london

Fish tacos: The first time we tried them, they were delicious. The second time we went to Taqueria was because we were craving the fish tacos but they ended up being really sour. The third time we tried them, I was sweating cause they were so spicy! They’re a bit hit and miss but when they’re good they’re REALLY good.

carne asada

Carne asada tacos were ok, the grilled beef was slightly tough and a bit of a jaw workout. Would defintely recommend the al pastor instead, if you like grilled meat.

al pastor

Charcoal grilled marinated pork with pineapple, onions and coriander. One of my favorite dishes at Taqueria, along with the carnitas.


Chicken Flautas were tasty, super crunchy!! They’re basically deep fried rolled up tortillas, stuffed with chicken (or mashed potato) topped with sour cream and green salsa.

frijoles refritos

Black bean tostada with crumbled cheese.  gringa pastor

Gringa pastor. Two lightly pan fried crispy tacos sandwiching slow cooked pork, warm melted cheese with onions and coriander.

lime chiles

All the tacos come with fresh lime, green salsa (my fave!) and some kind of red chile. Everything dunked in the green salsa tastes uh-mazing.

churros cajeta

We finally gave in and got dessert on our third visit. I had been eyeing up the churros for a bit now but we were so stuffed after each of our other meals. Unfortunately, the churros were tough and dry but the warm cajeta ( goats milk toffee) definitely made up for it. I wanted to drink the whole pot!! It tasted like dulce de leche/toffee , but richer and creamier. I would probably order the churros again just for the cajeta!

We ended up going to Taqueria three times in a week. Both of us were taco-deprived and were really excited when we discovered it but could only eat so much each visit! I definitely recommend it if you’re looking for good tacos in London.

It starts to get packed by 7, so come before then if you want to avoid lines!

Taqueria Address:

139 Westbourne Grove
W11 2RS
United Kingdom
Nearest Tube: 10 mins walk from Notting Hill and Bayswater Station