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Basic Patisserie at Le Cordon Bleu London

Last month, I was accepted into Le Cordon Bleu London’s basic patisserie course. I’ve been waiting impatiently for classes to start and it’s finally orientation day tomorrow!! I’m really excited and equally as nervous for classes to start. I’m looking forward to learning the fundamentals, mastering some french patisserie skills and meeting the other students. I’ve also heard that pastry school is very tough. It’s tiring, it’s fast paced and it’s stressful. There are also a few things that I’m really not looking forward to. Namely:

  1. Wearing ugly unisex kitchen shoes
  2. Hair nets. In primary school we used to make fun of the dinner ladies and their hair nets. Now I’m going to be one of them.
  3. Punctuality.  Ask any of my friends, punctuality is definitely NOT one of my fortes. At all. Apparently, If you’re 5 minutes late you can’t go in the class to watch the demo and you can’t do the practical. And if you’re late 5 times you get taken out of the course!!
  4. The Exams. I heard that you need to memorise all the recipes (And there are lots of recipes!) for the exams. I honestly think I have early Alzheimers. Tell me something and I’ll forget a minute later!
  5. Speed. We’ll be given a strict time limit in the practicals and exams so everybody needs to be relatively quick. I’m like a snail in the kitchen. My parents and boyfriend have probably almost starved to death waiting for me to finish cooking or baking!
  6. How fat I’m going to get because of the amount of sweets and pastries I’m going to be scoffing down.

Nisbets non slip shoes Le Cordon Bleu London recommended that I go to Nisbets to get some non-slip kitchen shoes. When I got there I saw a small selection of (what I thought then) mens shoes so I asked where the womens shoes were and *shock horror* they were unisex, there were about 5 choices and they all looked the same.The guy helping me reminded me, “function over form”, so I chose the most functional pair: they’re safe, they’re non slip and they’re ugly!! The ones I bought remind me of Charlie Chaplin shoes. At least my feet won’t get burnt! charlie chaplin shoes

Le Cordon Bleu London

I never thought I’d be sitting here writing about attending Le Cordon Bleu London. I’ve always enjoyed baking at home but I never thought I’d attend a school to learn about it. I was originally studying interior design in university and people often ask me why do I suddenly want to learn about french patisseries and baking? It’s something I find myself going back to time and time again and if its something I’m passionate about (if not a little obsessed), why don’t I learn more about it!?

I’m not entirely sure if I’m cut out for all this pastry school madness but I want to learn more and I’m ready for a challenge!! I’m looking forward to Le Cordon Bleu London’s basic patisserie course and hope to share the experience here with you guys too. If all goes well, I’d love to do the intermediate patisserie course at Le Cordon Bleu Paris. (Dream big!) Wish me luck!

Emily x

5 thoughts on “Le Cordon Bleu London – Basic Patisserie

  1. Hi there, I am thinking of going to LCB London to take up patisserie course too! May I know where u stay? What’s the daily expenses like? Many Thanks!

    1. Hi TCS, I apologise for the super late response!! London is actually my home so I didn’t have to deal with any of the troubles of finding accommodation in London. Diane is spot on, rent is pretty expensive, especially if you live alone so it’s best to find flatmate. Transportation is also quite pricy and adds up quickly, so I recommend staying by Holborn / Russell Square. A lot of international students stayed nearby and walked to LCB – very convenient!

  2. Since you haven’t received a response, I will dive in here. Years ago I attended on a pastry scholarship. It was a wonderful experience which was almost dashed by the difficulty of finding a place to stay. London is VERY expensive and accommodations difficult to come by. Try to find a place on line before you go. You may be able to find someone to share with. Good luck.

  3. Hello, I’m considering applying for basic in Jan, just wanted to know how you found it in the end, was it as much a challenge as you thought?

    1. Hi Ruth, thanks for stopping by! I found the course to be slightly challenging but in a good way 🙂 LCB puts a lot of focus on punctuality and timing and you do learn a lot about the basics of working professional kitchen. The basic course also trains you on the fundamentals – drilling all techniques of how to create creams, sponges, and choux and then using the fundamentals to create many different recipes! The teachers are also very thorough with their critiquing which I appreciated.

      I only did the basic course but will hopefully be returning to the UK to complete the course soon! I apologise for not following up with details for the rest of the course!! After basic I started travelling but hopefully will get the rest up so do check back soon and best of luck! 🙂

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