London taco fix: Taqueria

taqueria london
Beer battered fish tacos, refried beans, and an american guy nodding his head while giving us a thumbs up through the window. We were sold.

Having a half Mexican bf means I’ve tried “authentic” Mexican food from his home town. It isn’t like anything I’ve ever tasted anywhere else, but some of the dishes at Taqueria come pretty close. If you need a taco fix / looking for Mexican food in London, this is it.


Complementary peanuts while we’re checking out the menu. The chilli lime seasoning is so moorish!

jamaica drink

Flor de Jamaica is aka hibiscus tea. Refreshing and sweet.

guacamole chips beans

Botana: who doesn’t love refried beans with crumbled cheese, guacamole, salsa and chips? I could snack on this all day! It’s quite large so share between 2-3 people.

pollack ceviche

The ceviche was a bit too sour for my liking


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Le Cordon Bleu London – Gateau au Citron & Madeleines

Thursday’s practical was surprisingly relaxing and not too hard compared to some of the practicals we’ve previously had. Chef’s demo started off with a Gateau au Citron (Lemon pound cake), Madeleines, then the Gênes à la Pistache (traditional almond and pistachio cake). I was a bit disappointed to find out that the gateau au citron was actually a pound cake! Not very french…

pistachio cake madeleines Chef’s creations sliced up for us to try 🙂 The madeleines were soft and buttery, fresh out of the oven. The texture of the pistachio almond cake was very light and fluffy. However, the cake had more of an almond flavour and barely any pistachio flavour which was disappointing since I love everything pistachio flavoured!  gateau au citron cut Above: chef’s gateau au citron sliced up.

During the demo we learnt that there are three ways that cakes can rise:
Mechanically – manually whipping and incorporating air, for example airating egg whites.
Biologically – using yeast
Chemically – rising agents such as baking powder.

Gateau au Citron gateau au citron le cordon bleu

The Gateau au Citron uses a chemical method (baking power), as well as steam released from the water in the butter and eggs to allow the cake to rise. Gateau au citron, aka pound cake actually originated in the UK and weighed a pound…according to chef.

The Gateau au Citron is composed of 3 parts: The cake itself, the lemon julienne garnish and the glaçage.

Everything was pretty straightforward and everything went well. Except for one thing… My excess parchment paper stuck onto the top of cake while baking!! Apparently, this happened to a lot of the students during the practical. So don’t forget to trim the top of the parchment down so it’s not too tall because once it goes in the convection oven, the paper will flap around and stick onto the cake batter. This caused a slight indentation on the surface of the cake. You can see where the paper got stuck on the right side of the cake 🙁 gateau au citron

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5 days in Koblenz

koblenz flowers

koblenz Last week, the bf and I went to Koblenz, Germany for 5 days or so. We went to visit my boyfriend’s God father and took the opportunity to tourist around since it was our first time there.

koblenz clock

rudesheim The view of Rudesheim  koblenz fountain


Koblenz is a small town located between the beautiful River Rhine and The Moselle . It is one of Germany’s oldest most historic towns with lots of things to see and do! We got ill eating too much ice cream from the best ice cream parlours in town, we hiked up to fairytale castles, and explored the small scenic towns surrounding the upper-middle Rhine area.

koblenz ice cream

koblenz hiking                                                  Getting muddy hiking up to Burg Eltz
koblenz rhine To be honest, I always imagined Germany to be somewhere I wouldn’t like: masculine, cold, and hardcore bdsm-y. I apologise if that was rude, but I was wrong – everybody was really warm and friendly and everything looked like it was out of a fantasy movie. Castles and little ginger-bread like houses dotted the winding river.

rhine schaengel braubach vintage mail box purple flower koblenz flowers

Originally, I was a huge fan of german food and the first few days we were there and we stuffed ourselves silly with sausages, schnitzel, apple strudel and all sorts of goodies. We went on a bit of a sausage and ice cream bender and of course, I got sick! Not sure if it was food poisoning or overeating (I got excited okay) but I must admit that now I’m almost put off by German food! Too much of a good thing is bad thing, for sure.  koblenz beer

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