5 days in Koblenz

koblenzLast week, the bf and I went to Koblenz, Germany for 5 days or so. We went to visit my boyfriend’s God father and took the opportunity to tourist around since it was our first time there.

koblenz clock

rudesheimThe view of Rudesheim koblenz fountain


Koblenz is a small town located between the beautiful River Rhine and The Moselle . It is one of Germany’s oldest most historic towns with lots of things to see and do! We got ill eating too much ice cream from the best ice cream parlours in town, we hiked up to fairytale castles, and explored the small scenic towns surrounding the upper-middle Rhine area.

koblenz ice cream

koblenz hiking                                                 Getting muddy hiking up to Burg Eltz
koblenz rhine To be honest, I always imagined Germany to be somewhere I wouldn’t like: masculine, cold, and hardcore bdsm-y. I apologise if that was rude, but I was wrong – everybody was really warm and friendly and everything looked like it was out of a fantasy movie. Castles and little ginger-bread like houses dotted the winding river.

rhineschaengel braubach vintage mail box purple flowerkoblenz flowers

Originally, I was a huge fan of german food and the first few days we were there and we stuffed ourselves silly with sausages, schnitzel, apple strudel and all sorts of goodies. We went on a bit of a sausage and ice cream bender and of course, I got sick! Not sure if it was food poisoning or overeating (I got excited okay) but I must admit that now I’m almost put off by German food! Too much of a good thing is bad thing, for sure. koblenz beer

                                         Local beer. People drink beer like water there!wiener schnitzel

schnitzelmushroom schnitzelmore schnitzeljaeger schnitzel

even more schnitzelkoblenz-germany apple strudel

koblenzer chamomile tea

Last dinner in Koblenz: Chamomile tea. My tummy hurt so much!! 🙁 Served me right for eating so much the other days!kolner domView of Cologne and the Kolner-dom from the Koln Triangle

kolner dom door

Door at the Kolner-Domcologne bridgeWe walked over the Cologne Bridge on the way to the train station and saw THOUSANDS of padlocks that couples had put there to represent their everlasting love! how cheesy! We thought we might as well add ours. Our sad little padlock. Yes it’s the tiny black one. Yes I took it off my suitcase cause we didn’t have anything else.
la-belgique-gourmandeWe picked up some chocolates from La Belgique Gourmand when we stopped in Belgium on the way back to London!
belgian chocolates

Our host prepared a lovely german breakfast for us every morning and had each of our five days planned out for us (lots of castles and no wifi), which albeit slightly overwhelming for a city girl like me, it was nice to get out of the London craziness for a few days.

Over the five days we took over a thousand photos. Crazy much!? It was hard for me to choose  but those were are few of my favorite ones. If you want to read/see more about the other places we visited in Koblenz, my bf has a more in-depth post on our trip. Enjoy!

Emily x